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 {{:lecture:caliper.jpg?200|}} {{:lecture:caliper.jpg?200|}}
-  * **Description**:  +  * **Description**: A low cost version of a precision tool. A six inch model with a thumb wheel is recommended. Battery-powered digital read outs are not required. Battery-powered digital calipers have the disadvantage that they don't work when the battery is dead, which can happen when the caliper is stored unused in your toolbox. 
-  * **Purpose**:  +  * **Purpose**: To measure parts to within 0.001 inch, usually to inspect or verify dimensions.  We will use calipers to measure parts so that we can create accurate CAD models. 
-  * **Source**:  +  * **Source**: Various sources, online or local. At, see item number 66541. Other options are at home depot, or a search for "dial caliper" at Amazon. 
-  * **Approximate Cost**: +  * **Approximate Cost**: $20 and up.  A $20 dial caliper is sufficient for this course.
 [[equipment|back]] [[equipment|back]]
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