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Equipment for All Students

Each student will need:

  • a laptop computer
  • a microcontroller kit
  • a set of hand tools

Please download the equipment list and refer to details on individual items in the table below.

Much of this equipment is in stock at the EPL

You can get most of the equipment required for ME 120 at the Electronics Prototyping Lab, which is a makerspace and store maintained by PSU's Electrical Engineering Department. The EPL is located in PSU's Fourth Avenue Building (FAB) at 1900 SW 4th Avenue in room FAB 84-20. Use the calendar widget to see when the EPL is open.

Laptop Computer

Each students will need their own laptop for work during class and for taking exams. Windows PC or Macintosh (but see caveat below) laptops will work. If you have a functioning laptop, there is no need to buy a new one.

Students will be expected to demonstrate proficiency with solid-modeling (SolidWorks), analysis (Excel), basic office productivity (Microsoft Office or equivalent), and microcontroller programming (Arduino IDE). Students will need to use their laptops during exams because part of the exam grades involve demonstration of computer skills.

Laptops will also be necessary for the majority of class sessions. Students will be writing code to download to their Arduino microcontrollers. They will be performing analysis, e.g. curve fitting and other data reduction.

The Solidworks solid modeling software is provided in a computer lab in the Engineering Building. You should be able to download and install Solidworks on your Windows PC following the directions on the CAT web site.

Please note that currently Solidworks does not run natively on MacOS. Dassault Systèmes (the publisher of Solidworks) has stated that they have no intention of releasing a MacOS version of Solidworks in the foreseeable future.

Microcontroller Kit

The Electronics Prototyping Lab (EPL) has ordered the Custom Sparkfun Tinker Kit. The custom kits should be available by the end of the first week of class.

If you have a standard SparkFun Tinker kit, you can add the missing pieces with this Booster Kit.

The Electronics Prototyping Lab (EPL) is in the basement of the Engineering Building, Bring a credit card or debit card

Hand Tools

Each student will be required to assemble a set of hand tools that will be used for homework and for work in class. Details are provided below.

The following table includes rough estimates for the cost for tools, and in particular gives the lowest cost versions of tools that are suitable for the course. For comparison, higher cost estimates are also provided. We recommend that you do not buy the high cost versions of these tools. Start simple and upgrade later as you develop an appreciation for the utility of individual tools. A fine tool does not bestow magical powers on the wielder of the tool. It's better to know how to use a tool, no matter how humble, than to be an unskilled owner of fine (and expensive) tools.

Note that these tools will be used for ME 120, 121, and 122, and will be useful throughout your engineering career.


Local Sources of Electronics and Electronic Equipment

  • URS Electronics 123 N.E Seventh Avenue, Portland, Oregon. URS is a small, but excellent walk-in store. Don't let their web site turn you off.
  • Fry's Electronics 29400 SW Towncenter Loop West Wilsonville, OR

Used Electronics/Surplus Electronics

Local Hardware Stores

  • Winks Hardware, 200 SE Stark Street – an excellent source of hard-to-find hardware
  • Pearl Hardware, 1621 NW Glisan St.
  • Parkrose Hardware 10625 NE Sandy Boulevard – an excellent source of hard-to-find hardware
  • Lowes, Home Depot, etc.

Local Hobby Stores

There are other hobby stores in Portland. Those on the following list are more likely to have electronics, servos, and other gadgets that you might need in this class.

  • Coyote Hobby, 1128 Main St., Oregon City, 503-656-2172
  • Ted's Hobbies Unlimited, 4503 N Interstate, Portland, 530-287-4090
  • Tammie's Hobbies, 12024 SW Canyon Road, Beaverton, 503-644-4535

Some online suppliers

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