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-==== Final ====+==== Final Exam ====
-=== Date and Time ===+  * The exam will be held in **EB365**. 
 +  * The exam will be consist of a **closed book, closed notes** part and a hands-on part 
 +  * and will last for the entire time allocated. 
 +  * You **must** bring your laptop, Arduino **and** toolkit 
 +  * You may not leave the exam room during exam time. 
 +  * You are permitted to use a calculator. 
 +  * You will not require paper, but will need something to write with (ie. a pen or a pencil) 
 +  * You will be provided with the following [[|Arduino cheat sheet]] 
 +  * Quiet snacks like water, soda, coffee, candy are allowed. Large, smelly lunches like takeout from McDonalds or a food cart will not be allowed – those items are disruptive to other students. 
 +  * Plan ahead: visit the restroom before the exam.
-Thursday, 20th March at 12:30pm until 2:20pm. 
-=== Location === 
-The final will start in EB 365. We will then move together to EB325 for the part 2.+__Exam dates and times__
-=== Information ===+**Wednesday, March 21st 2018 at 12:30 pm - 2:20 pm in EB365**
-  * {{notes:me_120_in_a_nutshell.pdf|ME 120 in a nutshell}} summary of course topics +__DRC students__  
-  * There will be two parts: + 
-    * Part 1Written partYou need a calculator and a pen. The topics covered are listed in the document above (ME 120 in a nutshell) +You need to liase with the DRC to ensure that you sit the exam **on the same day** as the rest of your section. Make sure you talk t your instructor at least one week before exam time. 
-    Part 2, divided in two: an excel portion and a SolidWorks portionYou will need  + 
-         your mcecs information to log on to the lab computer, and  +__What to study__ 
-         your information to log on to D2L to submit your answers.+ 
 +This is a Final examination, so you are expected to be able to answer questions about any and all of the topics covered. However, to assist you, we have compiled: 
 +  * a list of all of the topics covered during the course {{notes:me_120_in_a_nutshell.pdf|here}} 
 +  * Arduino Practice Problems {{notes:arduino_practice_problems.pdf|here}} 
 +__Inappropriate behaviour__ 
 +Instructors will be vigilant for cheating and will strictly enforce the prohibition on 
 +  Do not communicate with anyone other than the instructors during the exam
 +  Do not talk to or signal to any other student during the exam. 
 +  Do not attempt to read the work on other student’s exam sheets. 
 +  * Do not operate communication devices during the exam. This includes, but is not limited to, cell phones, chat clients, peer-to-peer networks, Bluetooth or other radio devices. 
 +Students who exhibit any of the prohibited behaviors will have their exam documents 
 +taken and they will not be allowed to complete the exam.  
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