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Lead-free solder


  • Description: solder is used to form semi-permanent electrical connections. Common solder contains lead, and hence can be hazardous if the fumes are inhaled or the material is handled a lot. Non-toxic lead-free solder is recommended, but is harder to work with. Read and adhere to all safety precautions on the packaging.
  • Purpose: Soldering sensors to extension wires.
  • Source: Hardware stores, electronic stores and on-line.
  • Approximate Cost: $5 for a small spool, $15-$20 for a 100 gram spool.

Buy a small amount of the skinny solder

For electronics, thin solder wire is needed. Typical diameters are 0.02 to 0.035 inch (0.5 to 0.9 mm). This diameter is not common at typical hardware stores, which sell solder appropriate for copper plumbing.

At Amazon and other on-line retailers, solder is usually sold in 100 gram spools, which is much more than you will need in ME 120. Consider joining with other students to buy a bigger roll.


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