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Homework Assignments for ME 120

All homework assignments, unless explicitly noted, are due at the beginning of class. Thus, the calendar dates in the following table will vary between Monday-Wednesday and Tuesday-Thursday sections.

Homework formats

Two formats are expected for solutions to the homework

To avoid confusion, the required format will be specified for each problem on each homework assignment.


Due date Assignment & supplemental files
Start of Lecture 3 Homework 1
Start of Lecture 5 Homework 2, duracell-simply-mins.csv
Start of Lecture 7 Homework 3
Start of Lecture 9 Homework 4
November 12 or 13 (see notes, below) Homework 5
November 19 or 20 Homework 6, Desktop fan assignment, Desktop fan rubric
December 11 or 12 or 13 Pump Report Assignment

Laser cutting parts

The Solidworks drawings for laser cut parts are due at noon on Monday, November 11. The drawing is to be submitted via a D2L dropbox.

Contrary to instructions in an earlier version of the Homework assignment, you do not need to add your initials or other identifying marks to the Raster or Engrave layers of the drawing.

Please look at this description of common failure modes for laser cut parts.

Additional references:

  • version of the screencast on making Solidworks drawings for laser cut parts
  • Flash version of the screencast on making Solidworks drawings for laser cut parts
  • YouTube Video on fabrication of the desktop fan with the laser cutter
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