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Winter 2019 Homework


Formats for Solutions

Homework assignments involve a variety of problem style meant to give you practice with the course material. We ask you to use one of these two formats for the solutions you turn in for grading

We will tell you which format to use for each problem on each homework assignment.

The direct solution format is appropriate for problems that have relatively simple and straightforward answers. These kinds of problems aim to develop factual knowledge or to practice evaluating formulas.

The engineering solution format is appropriate for problems that are more open-ended or that have multiple steps. The engineering solution format is a structured way of first setting up, and then solving a practical problem. Often these problems require you to find additional background information. As with the kind of problem-solving used in engineering practice (i.e. after you finish your degree and are working as an engineer), the kinds of problems suitable for the engineering solution format will require you to work test out ideas or analysis on scrap paper. The final version of the solution should be neatly copied onto engineering paper.

Screencasts for Homework

The following screencasts are intended to help you complete homework assignments

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