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Lecture 13: Bending acrylic parts for the desktop fan, Introduction to the water pump, 3D Model of Pump Impeller, Introduction to the milling machine

Checklist: What you need to bring for this lecture

  • Laptop
  • Sparkfun Inventor's kit
  • Digital multimeter
  • Miniature test clip adapters
  • Marker
  • Safety glasses

Learning Objectives

  • Be able to operating the acrylic bender to shape parts for the desktop fan
  • Be able to create a 3D solid model of a pump impeller by following the Solidworks tutorial

Lecture Videos and Support

  • Solidworks instructions for impeller design PDF
  • Screencast on making the pump lid using SolidWorks (on YouTube):
    YouTube, or
  • Screencast from web link (same as YouTube version)
  • Mandatory: take the online quiz 9 on D2L before coming to class

In Class Hands-on

  • Tips on working with acrylic sheets
  • Overview of the pump project: PDF
  • Introduction to the milling machine: PDF Note that these slides stops just as you are about to drill the first hold in the ABS block. See the next set of slides for the complete manufacturing steps.
  • Manufacturing of a pump: pump_fabrication_procedure.pdf
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