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Lecture 4. Arduino LED circuit, Excel Plotting

Checklist: What you need to bring/do for this lecture

In Class Quiz 1

Quiz 1 will be at the start of class meeting number 5. Immediately after the quiz, students will set up the in-class part of Homework 2 that is due on the same day.


Homework 2 is due at the beginning of the class meeting next week (Lecture 5).

Learning Objectives

  • Be able to make a plot of given data with Excel
  • Be able to build a breadboard circuit to provide power to an LED
  • Be able to write an Arduino program to blink an LED

Lecture Videos and Support

  • Mandatory: take the online Quiz 3 on D2L. Its access will close 30 minutes before the beginning of Lecture 4 class time.

  • Arduino Programming Part 1: Write an Arduino program to blink an LED:

In Class Hands-On

Notes and Supplemental Files

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