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Lecture 7: Simulating variable output with PWM, The Breathing LED

Checklist: What you need to bring for this lecture

  • Laptop
  • Sparkfun Inventor's kit
  • Digital multimeter
  • Miniature test clip adapters


Homework 3 is due at the start of class meeting.

Learning Objectives

  • Be able to describe PWM as a method of simulating variable DC outputs
  • Be able to implement PWM on an Arduino to control the brightness of an LED
  • Be able to describe the equations used to simulate a breathing pattern with LED brightness
  • Given any set of time delays in a simulated breathing pattern, be able to compute the parameters in the equations used to simulate a breathing LED
  • Be able to implement an on-off pattern used as a building-block for the breathing LED simulation

Lecture Videos and Support

  • Breathing LED Equations in slide format: PDF
  • PWM output on Arduino: PDF,
  • Mandatory: take the online quiz 5 on D2L before coming to class for Lecture 7.

In Class Hands-On

  • Breathing LED code - Part 2: pdf

Supplemental Files


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