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Lecture Materials for ME 120

This page contains links to individual lectures for the Winter 2017 version of ME 120. Much of the same material is also available on the Course Topics web page, where the links to topics are organized by concept, not by the order in which the material was presented in class.

This page also contains links to all homework assignments. Unless explicitly noted, all homework assignments are due at the beginning of class. Two formats are expected for solutions to the homework

To avoid confusion, the required format will be specified for each problem on each homework assignment.

Week Date Lecture Content Assignments due
Week 1 9 Jan Lecture 1 Course Introduction, Ohm's Law
11 Jan Snow day
Week 2 16 JanNo Class
18 JanLecture 2 Power consumption in resistors. Resistors in series and parallel Online quiz1 on D2L
Week 3 23 JanLecture 3 Multimeters, breadboards, resistor codesHomework 1
25 JanLecture 4 Arduino LED circuit, Excel Plotting
Week 4 30 JanLecture 5 Quiz 1, Variables, built-in Arduino functions Homework 2 HW2_Excel
1 Feb Lecture 6 Voltage dividers, potentiometers, photoresistors and more Arduino Programming
Week 5 6 FebLecture 7 Simulating variable output with PWM, The Breathing LEDHomework 3
8 FebLecture 8 Loops, introduction to desktop fan, servo-motor
Week 6 13 FebLecture 9 User-defined functions, SolidWorks 2DHomework 4
15 FebLecture 10 Midterm view SolidWorks video
Week 7 20 FebLecture 11 Lecture 12 DC motor, soldering instructions, Arduino buttonsFan Project - Part 1
22 FebLecture 13 Bending of acrylic parts, overview of pump project, SolidWorks 3D, Intro to milling machine
Week 8 27 FebLecture 14 Linear Regression, Desktop fan hands-on
1 MarLecture 15Fan presentation (Rubric), Linear RegressionFan assignment
Week 9 6 MarLecture 16 Quiz 2, Least Squares Polynomial Regression, Pump Fabrication, Pump Assembly, Pump Testing Homework 5, SolidWorks Impeller Drawing
8 MarLecture 17 Pump assembly, pump testing
Week 10 13 MarLecture 18 Pump assembly, pump testingHomework 6
15 MarLecture 19 Pump testing, Final ReviewPump report due Friday 5pm on D2L, dropbox , Calculation example
Finals Week Final
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