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 {{:lecture:test_clip_adapters.jpg?200|}} {{:lecture:test_clip_adapters.jpg?200|}}
 +  * **Purpose**: Adding these clips to the probles on the multimeter leads makes troubleshooting your circuits much easier.  It allows hands-free testing because the clips stay attached to the leads.
 +  * **Source**: Radio Shack store. CAUTION: Radio Shack's mini hook clips look almost identical to the mini test clip adapters - you DO NOT need the mini hook clips. Be sure to get part number 270-334.
 +  * **Approximate Cost**: $3.50 per pair
 +==== Alternatives ======
 +The clip adapters can be hard to find. A good alternative is to have a set of mini-grabber probes that plug directly into your DMM
 +* Banana-Minigrabber pair {{|at Amazon}} for $7
 +A dual set of mini-grabber and banana clip leads is {{|also available from Amazon}}.  
 +Another alternative is a {{|alligator clips with pig tails}} from Sparkfun for $7.  Those clips do not connect directly to a multimeter, but the alligator clip end could be attached to your multimeter probe and the pigtail could be inserted in a breadboard.
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