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News and Annoucements

This page lists useful information, resources etc and will be updated as necessary throughout the term.

Funky Video

If you have problems with the viewing of the video (the voice continues but the slides went to something else), you might have a problem with

  • your viewer (I had a problem with the default viewer on Windows 10). To be able to watch the videos correctly, download and install an other viewer, such as VLC media player. Then open the video with the VLC viewer. You might need to download the video first with selecting “save link as”. Then, click right on your downloaded video and select “open with”, and select VLC.
  • your browser: try a different browser: internet explorer, firefox, google chrome, mozilla

Resources at the PSU Library

The PSU library has number of books about Arduino, electronics etc. that you can view online; some of them can even be downloaded to your device if you'd like. To access, go to and type in something like “Arduino”, hit search and then select “ebooks” on the left hand panel.

Problem with serial port

Some of you have had a communication with your arduino that worked, and all of a sudden, the communication port wouldn't show up anymore. I have researched it on the internet, and so far, here is what I found:

  • Try with an other USB cable
  • It seems like the problem resides in the drivers. You can try uninstalling them, and reinstalling them. Also, if you have Windows 8, you need to disable Signed Driver Enforcement on Windows 8. Windows 8 does not like the Arduino driver and fails to install it. You need to access your advanced set up menu, which can be accessed via the windows recovery route on bootup and its option 7. Accessing this is different for most computers.

Office suite

To get an office suite for free, two options that could work are Libre Office (, and Open Office (

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