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   - Equations used in the analysis   - Equations used in the analysis
     * {{scast:dc_circuit_excel_setup.pdf|Slides}}     * {{scast:dc_circuit_excel_setup.pdf|Slides}}
-    * {{|MP4 format}} screencast+    * {{|MP4 format}} screencast
   - Spreadsheet calculations   - Spreadsheet calculations
-    * {{|MP4 format}} screencast+    * {{|MP4 format}} screencast
 +These screencasts were made in 2010. The Excel demo used Excel 2003 for Windows. There is no difference in basic functionality with Excel 2007 or Excel 2010 for Windows or Excel 2011 for Macintosh. However the user interface is different for each of these versions, which means that you may have to hunt for the commands demonstrated in the screencast.  The same commands are in all versions, but the "improved" user interface makes some of those commands harder to find.
 +If the links to the MP4 version of the screencasts do not work for you, please try the {{|older version of the screencast web page}} which includes an older flash player format of the screencasts.
 +==== Plotting a piecewise continuous function with Excel ====
 +These screencasts provide templates for plotting the cyclic variation in duty cycle for the breathing LED problem.
 +The following screencasts show how to use the versions of Excel for Macintosh and Windows in Fall 2013.  If you are using an older (or newer!) version of Excel, trust that the same features are available.  You may have to hunt for them.
 +Basic plot with no "if" statements to select function segments:
 +  * {{|Macintosh version of Excel}}
 +  * {{|Windows version of Excel}}
 +Versions of the screencast showing how to use an "if" statement are not done yet.
 +==== Solidworks Drawings for Laser-cut Parts ====
 +Try the MP4 version of the screencast.  If that doesn't work, or your browser doesn't know how to handle MP4, try the Flash version.
 +  * {{|MP4}} version of the screencast
 +  *  {{|Flash}} version of the screencast
 +  * {{|2D laser cutter template}} Solidworks file
 +==== Solidworks Drawings for 3D Parts ====
 +The following screencast shows how to construct a 3D model of the pump lid in Solidworks. Use this as practice before attempting the 3D impeller design.
 +  * {{|Screencast on YouTube}}
 +  * {{|MP4 version}} (can be downloaded)
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