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 {{:lecture:sparkfun_dmm_september_2011.jpg?200|}} {{:lecture:sparkfun_dmm_september_2011.jpg?200|}}
-  * **Description**:  +=== Description === 
-  * **Purpose**:  + 
-  * **Source**:  +A multimeter is an instrument used to measure electrical resistance, voltage, and current. Each students is required to have a digital multimeter for this class. We recommend purchasing a modestly low-cost meter in the range $15 to $35 for this class. A $15 multimeter is perfectly adequate. 
-  * **Approximate Cost**+ 
 +Free advice DO NOT buy a $5 multimeter.  Students have had difficulty with those inexpensive meters in the past. 
 +=== Purpose === 
 +Students will be taught how to use a multimeter to troubleshoot electrical circuits, and to verify important fundamental principles of DC circuits. 
 +=== Approximate Cost === 
 +A $15, multifunction multimeter is fine.  Don't buy the cheap $5 multimeters. 
 +=== Sources ===  
 +  * Sparkfun sells a decent, low cost {{|digital multimeter}} for $15 plus shipping. The multimeter has all the functions necessary for class, but it is not auto-ranging.  
 +  * Amazon sells a {{|digital multimeter}} for $24 plus shipping. Another {{|less expensive}} multimeter is available for $18. Either multimeter will work for the class.  
 +  * The local Fry's store has a low-cost, {{|digital multimeter}} for $12. Better multimeters are autoranging, which makes measurement easier. But, the multimeter shown will work well for this course.
 [[equipment|back]] [[equipment|back]]
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