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Small snap-lid plastic tubs

  • Description: Small tubs for holding leftovers. It is OK to reuse an existing tub, but once you have used it to hold electronic parts, solder and flux, you should not use it again to store food.
  • Purpose: The tub will provide secure storage for your microcontroller and a breadboard project. The Sparkfun Inventor's Kit comes in a nice, reusable cardboard box. Depending on the size of your canvas tool bag, the Sparkfun cardboard box may be too large to fit inside the canvas bag along with the hand tools. In that case, the plastic tub (or tubs) will provide additional flexibility in storing and protecting the contents of the kit without needing to also fit the cardboard box inside the tool bag.
  • Source: Various sources, including local hardware stores and chains such as Home Depot.
  • Approximate Cost: $1 - $5


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