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ME 120: Introduction to Engineering


Course Overview

ME 120 is the first course in a three-part Introduction to Engineering sequence. One of the major goals of the course is to introduce students to the technology, software, fabrication, teamwork, trouble-shooting, communication, and presentation skills necessary for effective engineering. Successful engineers (and successful engineering students) have a willingness to tackle problems without obvious solutions. Hence, another goal of the course is to instill the “can-do” spirit and engineering knowledge that is essential to solve engineering problems. Engineers also have the to apply logic, mathematics, science, fact-based reasoning, and common sense to solve problems. Therefore, the course also covers fundamentals of engineering problem-solving.

ME 120 is more like a lab course than a traditional lecture. Instead of buying a textbook, you buy a kit of electronic parts that includes an open source microcontroller. You also purchase a set of hand tools. Class meetings are a combination of short (20 to 30 minute) lectures and active periods where students work on their microcontrollers, fabricate parts on machine tools in the classroom, or use their laptops to solve problems and practice techniques demonstrated during the lecture.

Fall 2020 Staff

Please include the text “ME120” in the subject line when sending e-mail to your instructors and TAs.


Section 1: Dr. Lemmy Meekisho,, MME Department, Engineering Building, Room 301N.

Section 2: There is no section 2

Section 3: Dr. Gerald Recktenwald,, MME Department, Engineering Building, Room 402C

Teaching Assistant and Tutor

TA: Joe Sammartino,

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