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Arduino Programming

In a Nutshell

Lecture Notes, Worksheets and Slides

Orientation to the Arduino IDE

Variable types, integer and floating point arithmetic

Reading voltage and printing to the Serial Monitor

"if" and "if-else" constructs

PWM Output


User-defined functions

Applications of Arduino Programming

  • Button input for Arduino

Lecture slides in video format


Introduction to "if" and "if-else" constructs

(7 min)

Introduction to "for" loops


User-defined functions

(19:30) ,

Good Practice in circuits and programming


PWM output on Arduino
Button Input

Button input for Arduino (includes “while” loops and interrupts):

(37 min)

External Reference materials

Curriculum from Sparkfun

Sparkfun sells gear. It's their business and they have been successful.

Sparkfun also has a strong ethic of supporting open source software and hardware. As part of their community outreach and support, and as a way of building their brand, Sparkfun has developed an educational web site The relevant parts of their website for ME 120, 121, and 122 are these links

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