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Pump Fabrication and Assembly


Download the slide deck giving overview of pump fabrication and testing

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Creating the Impeller Model

Fabrication and Assembly of the Pump Body

Download the slide deck with instructions on fabricating the pump

Main fabrication steps

  1. Use milling machine to create the cavity for the impeller
  2. Using milling machine and hand drills to fabricate the lid
  3. Drill pilot holes in the pump body
  4. Drill clearance holes in the pump lid
  5. Tap pipe threads into the side of the pump body and the lid
  6. Drill out the ID of the impeller –BE CAREFUL to use a bit slightly smaller than the motor shaft diameter

Main assembly steps

  1. Press the motor bushing into the pump body – Test that motor fits
  2. Insert barbed fittings with teflon tape on the threads
  3. Insert motor into the pump body and secure it with zip ties – Test that motor spins freely
  4. Add a drop of oil to the inner (small) O-ring on the motor bushing
  5. Press the impeller on to the motor shaft (after the motor is secured with zip ties)
  6. Install the lid
  7. Test that the motor spins the impeller and that the impeller does not slip when applying a slight resistance with your thumb
  8. Insert the large O-ring
  9. Use self-tapping screws to secure the pump lid – Test again that the impeller can spin freely
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