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-===== Use of Excel =====+===== Screencasts =====
 +=== Screencasts ===
 +If you have little or no experience with Excel, the following 22 minute video is a good place to start
 +  * {{|The Beginner's Guide to Excel}}  22 minutes
 +Examples from ME 120 course work
 +  * Video demonstration of using Excel 2016 to {{|plot weather data}}
 +  * Video demonstration of using Excel on a Macintosh to {{|analyze a DC circuit and plot power as a function of resistance}}
   * Excel case study on plotting a ramp function:   * Excel case study on plotting a ramp function:
     * {{notes:excel_case_study_plotting_a_ramp.pptx|PowerPoint}}     * {{notes:excel_case_study_plotting_a_ramp.pptx|PowerPoint}}
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     * {{|Video Macintosh version}},     * {{|Video Macintosh version}},
     *  {{|Video Windows version}}     *  {{|Video Windows version}}
 +  * {{|Compute a polynomial curve fit to data}} (Macintosh version of Excel)
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